The Multidisciplinary Joint Committee of Sexual Medicine (MJCSM) is working under the auspices of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS). MJCSM’s objectives are to study, promote and harmonize the highest level of Sexual Medicine in Europe – both on the basic and postgraduate level. We aim to achieve these objectives by the following means:

  • Setting educational standards for training institutions and the maintenance of such standards.
  • Identifying minimal requirements for training and publish a European Curriculum.
  • Defining rules for accreditation of educational activities.
  • Offering a systematic assessment for the recognition of quality, both for the individual and training institutions.

The MJCSM is supported by the ESSM and consists of delegates that are nominated by the:

Members of MJCSM are:

E. Jannini (IT) – President

E. C. Serefoglu (TR) – Secretary
E. Huber (AT) – Treasurer

J. Bitzer (CH)
J. Dean (UK)
F. Fusco (IT)
L. Gamito (PT)
J. E. Nystrup (DK)
M. Potocnik (SI)
Y. Reisman (NL)
N. Trovão (PT)
B. Zilaitiene (LTU)

Members of the Exam Committee are:

L. Vignozzi (IT) – Chair

S. Andrews (UK)
J. Bitzer (CH)
B. Cuzin (F)
M. Dewitte (BE)
J. E. Nystrup (DK)
Y. Reisman (NL)
A. Shechter (IL)

Contact Information:

Secretary of the MJCSM:
Email: mjcsm@aimgroup.eu